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The Challenge

Mesquite Elementary School worked with us on several projects over the course of six years, including website design, custom illustration, and other custom development projects. They needed a site that was easy to navigate and provided quick access to information for busy parents.

Mesquite Elementary website screenshot and illustration

Our Solution

We designed and developed a website, created custom illustrations, and developed an online conferencing scheduling tool. The design of the site was age-appropriate for their student population (utilizing bright colors and compelling imagery) while remaining clean and simple for parents to navigate.

The online conference scheduling tool we developed for them allowed parents to schedule conferences for multiple students without having to coordinate with multiple teachers. It allowed teachers to log in and view their scheduled conferences and instantly see which students still needed to schedule. Before the online tool, teachers spent hours contacting parents and scheduling conferences with pencil and paper. After the online tool was implemented, they simply printed out their schedule and were ready to go.

One parent said…

Thank you so much for your work on the website. I have children at other schools in the district, and at times I struggle to get the information I need. At Mesquite, I never have to worry. The information is always accurate and easy to find.

One teacher had this to say…

The online scheduling tool is awesome! It saves me so much time

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