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The Challenge

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona had a website that was loaded with valuable information related to pet ownership and their organization. Unfortunately, visitors to the website often reported that they were unable to find what they were looking for.

HSSA knew they needed a site that quickly and clearly delivered information to their visitors. They also needed a powerful marketing tool that would allow them to reach new customers/donors and continue to build their relationship with their current audience.

Humane Society of Southern Arizona homepage

Our Solution

We designed and developed a custom website that helped their organization organize content and maintain their brand throughout the website.


One of our first challenges was organizing the navigation. We worked with their team to create a more logical organization of navigation items to help their visitors quickly find department/services.

mega menu

We spent time training their team on ways to effectively use headlines, graphics and copy to help lead the user’s eye and more easily navigate dense pages.

Page Builder

We integrated a drag-and-drop page builder into the new site, allowing their marketing to build new pages without the help of a developer.

Custom modules provide additional functionality and are styled to match the organization’s branding, right out of the box.

animated demonstration of the page builder

Page templates give the marketing team a simple starting point and help speed up content creation.


A chatbot was integrated into the site. Any visitors who are struggling to find something on the site can access the chatbot and be guided directly to the info they need.

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