Bro, Do You Even Lift?

The Challenge

The owners of CrossFit 520 had recently purchased the gym and were looking for a way to stand out from other gyms in the area. They needed a site that was easy to use, clean and simple, and could help manage new membership inquiries.

CrossFit 520 responsive website screenshot

Our Solution

We designed and developed a custom website that showcased their photography and made navigating the site simpler. By looking at the most popular pages (schedule, pricing, etc), we were able to get the majority of their site visitors to the page they needed in one click.

Several places on the site encourage potential members to sign up for a free class. Behind the scenes, an automated system gets the visitor their free class pass, collects their information, and notifies the owners that a new face will be dropping in to try a class. As a result, they are able to capture warm leads and nurture potential clients through email marketing campaigns and remarketing.

We're excited to watch them use this new tool to grow their business throughout 2017!