Alice Pringle in the studio

40 Years of Poetry Come to Life in Song

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The Challenge

Alice Pringle is an educator and children’s music artist who has been touching the lives of children for over 40 years. She approached us to build her a website to feature her upcoming album, Kaleidoscope, including a 19-day rollout of preview content leading up to the album’s release date.

Kaleidoscope responsive website screenshots on desktop, tablet, and mobile

Our Solution

Our solution was to design and develop a responsive website that included a custom audio player to house her pre-release content. We used bright colors and fun patterns to appeal to the album’s young audience. A carousel of the 19 days of content was designed to feature the current day’s clip and give visitors access to previous days.

We built a custom audio player that worked seamlessly in the carousel. It allowed us to keep the design simplified and easy to use, while never sacrificing the speed of the site – even after all 19 audio clips were active.

One site visitor said…

I just can’t wait to come back to the site each day to see what you’ve added!

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