Ongoing Website Care

Maintaining a website is hard.

Just like a car or home, your website needs regular maintenance. It may be up to date and running great today, but technology changes rapidly. Luckily, there's a bright side.

You don't have to tackle it alone.

We can help keep your site updated with the latest software, safely backed up, and keep the momentum going with your online marketing efforts. Plus, if the day ever comes when something goes wrong with your site, we'll be there, ready to help you solve the problem and get your site back in tip-top shape.

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Care Plans offer you...

Peace of mind

No one likes to find out their site has been hacked, but if you're running a business (especially one online), every minute your site is down can mean lost revenue. You'll sleep better knowing your site is safe and secure in our capable hands.

Time saver

If you're running a business, you know the value of time. We maintain websites every day. So why would you spend hours of your valuable time on maintenance tasks we can handle in minutes? We'll do the backups, you go watch your kid play soccer.

Safety net

Even if you have the time to maintain your site alone, there will always be those times when you think you've done everything right, but something breaks. You need someone you can turn to that has the experience and skill to get your site back on track.

Killer sidekick

Just like any good sidekick, our job is to stand in the shadows and make you look good. You're great at what you do, but you're probably not as well versed in web development and online marketing. So let us handle all the techie stuff, and you can take all the glory.

Access to pros

When you work with us, you get access to our network of industry professionals. We have relationships with experts in everything from content marketing and SEO to web security and more. And let me tell you, access to over 800 professionals is nothing to take lightly. There’s no problem we can’t solve.

Choose the plan that fits your business


Premium Plan

This plan is recommended for business and e-commerce website owners that plan to use their site as a tool to aggressively grow their online audience and customer base.


Recommended Plan

This plan is recommended for business and e-commerce website owners that plan to use their site as a tool to grow their online audience and customer base.


Essential Plan

This plan is recommended for informational/brochure websites that do not frequently add new content. This plan is for site owners that are not focused on growing an audience or customer base.

Your Care Plan can include...

Software Updates

Just like the apps on your phone, your website software needs regular software updates. Fun fact: the leading cause of hacked websites is out of date software. We’ll keep your website software up-to-date.

Website Backups

Nobody’s perfect. There may come a time when you delete some valuable content - or maybe you’re the lucky recipient of a hacker’s evil efforts. Either way, we’ll have daily backups on file that will let us roll your site back to exactly how it looked yesterday (or three Tuesdays ago).

Security Scanning

It seems like website hacks are inevitable these days. Even companies as large as Target and Yahoo! have fallen victim. That’s why it’s more important than ever to be on top things. We’ll run daily security scans and attempt to lock out hackers before they’ve done any damage.

Website Analytics Reporting

Stay informed on the status of your website. We’ll send you a monthly report, detailing the work that we’ve completed and recommendations for work we’d like to complete in the future.

Social Media Analytics Dashboard

Keep your finger to the pulse of your online presence. We’ll build you an analytics dashboard that will let you track your success across multiple social media platforms. Having that knowledge can make all the difference when it comes to marketing to potential customers.

Personalized Recommendations

Not sure how to use your support hours each month? Not a problem. We’ll give you personalized recommendations for what to tackle next to keep your business healthy and growing.

Support Hours

You may be comfortable handling most of your website, but you don’t know what you don’t know. For those times, we’re happy to help you out. Psst, here’s a little secret: we don’t do one-off fixes for businesses that aren’t on a Care Plan. We’d much rather spend our time building an ongoing relationship with people like you!

Premium Hosting

Hosting is one of those things that gets overlooked far too often. Can you get hosting for $2/month? Yes. Is it going to be dreadfully slow and put you at high risk for getting hacked? Also yes. Lucky for you, every Care Plan includes super fast, super security hosting.

Consultation / Strategy Sessions

If you’re really serious about growing your business online, strategy sessions are one of the best services we have to offer you. Let’s sit down or get on the phone, get really clear about what your goals are, and lay out a plan to get you there.

You can use your support hours to...

Make small changes to your website

Technology changes (faster than we’d like), and so can your business. Use support hours to make those iterative changes to your website, without having to sign on for a whole new project.

Update and post content

Not every business owner likes to spend time adding and editing website content (blog posts, new pages, etc). Use your support hours to get content updated on your site. Type up your content, and send it off to us to format and post.

Get your questions answered

There will always technology-related questions that arise. Maybe your email is being weird, or your hosting provider sent you a cryptic email. Don't stress over what to do; use your support hours to get quick and accurate answers to your questions.

Don't just take our word for it...

Enrique Feldman

My experiences with Hewlett Creative have been consistently fantastic. In addition to their technical knowledge related to the web design of our sites, the level of guidance in the area of how we market our sites, products and services has been a game changer. My inner circle of colleagues operate at a very high level of intellectual creation, and the ongoing feedback we receive from Hewlett Creative is on par with our inner circle. Hewlett Creative has even had an impact on our content creation, which is unusual for a company of this kind. Most recently, Hewlett Creative gave us feedback on an older site of ours which they did not create. Their input impacted the User Experience immediately. In addition, Hewlett Creative's ability to communicate both clearly and in innovative ways, has set them apart from other similar companies we have engaged in the past. Of course, we are now with Hewlett Creative for life. They have become part of creative family and I always recommend them with my highest and unconditional recommendation.

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Enrique Hank Feldman

Choose a plan



Website Hosting

Software Updates

Access to our library of premium plugin licenses

Daily Backups

Security Scans and Firewall

Off-site Server Scanning

Database Optimization

Monthly Report

4 Hr. Support Time (monthly)

Broken Link Scan and Fix

Monthly 60-Min. Strategy Call

Additional Support billed at $80/hour



Website Hosting

Software Updates

Access to our library of premium plugin licenses

Daily Backups

Security Scans and Firewall

Off-site Server Scanning

Database Optimization

Monthly Report

2 Hr. Support Time (monthly)

Additional Support billed at $90/hour



Website Hosting

Software Updates

Access to our library of premium plugin licenses

Monthly Backups

Security Scans and Firewall

Database Optimization

Monthly Report

Support billed at $100/hour

Not a client? Not a problem.

Not a current client but still interested in a Care Plan? Not a problem! Even if your website was built by someone else, we'd be happy to help you maintain and grow your online business. Before we get started, we'll need to take a peek under the hood of your website. We call it a Website Health Check.

Care Plan FAQs