Discovery Session

It's time to get clear on the needs and challenges facing your business

Not all business owners that approach us to build a website know exactly what they need. In fact, we find that to be true more often than not, and that's to be expected. If you had all the answers, you'd be running a web consulting firm instead of your current business.

Let professionals, who work in the web industry every day, guide you through the process.

Discover the needs of your business

We'll walk you through our process for uncovering the needs of your business and the challenges you face. You may discover aspects of your business that you had not previous considered or let go of features you originally thought were essential. This stage of our time together is about getting it all out in the open. Let's turn over every stone.

Articulate attainable goals for your project

We'll help you organize, consolidate, and define your ambitions into goals that are easy to understand, achievable, and beneficial for your business.

Understand the solutions that are available

You may not spend every day with your finger to the pulse of web and social media technology, but we do. Once we've defined your goals for your new site, we'll help you understand what digital solutions are available. We'll educate you on several strategies, and guide you in selecting the best options for your business's unique needs.

Develop a plan to achieve your goals

Finally, we'll help you lay out a plan to achieve your business goals. Following our time together, we'll deliver a detailed findings report you can use to execute your new plan on your own, with another vendor of your choosing, or with us.

Of course, after fighting our way through the jungle of business planning together, we think you'll be excited to work with us. And we hope you do!

Your session will include...

  • 2 hour one-on-one session - and by one-on-one, we mean one person from our team and a select few from your team. We've found that having no more than three of your key decision makers in the room yields the best results.
  • Detailed findings report - We'll deliver a detailed report of the information we uncover during our time together and the actionable plan we lay out for your business.
  • No obligation - As we mentioned before, you're free to execute your action plan on your own, with a vendor of your choosing, or with us. We, of course, hope you choose us. ????
  • $200 discount - If you decide to move forward with us on your new website (and we hope you do!), we'll let you apply $200 of your Discovery Session fee to your new project fees.

Don't just take our word for it...

Enrique Feldman

Sometimes you just have to acknowledge talented and hard working individuals like Luke Hewlett. His website design and his marketing design has been a total game changer for my career. Business is up approx. 150%

Enrique Hank Feldman